Van Chetana – Useful Book For Forest Exam

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eBike Sahay Yojana Gujarat Form 2022-23

eBike Sahay Yojana Gujarat Form 2022, Two Wheeler Scheme Gujarat Online Apply | Rickshaw Subsidy Apply Online | Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme Application Form | E- Scooter Scheme Benefits. A new scheme has been launched by the concerned authorities of Gujarat government to help the understudies of the state get an electrical vehicle free … Read more

Dholka Nagarpalika Recruitment 2022

Dholka Nagarpalika Recruitment 2022

Dholka Nagarpalika Recruitment 2022| Apply For External mastermind Posts Dholka Nagarpalika( Dholka Nagarpalika Recruitment 2022) has published an External mastermind post 2022. Eligible campaigners are advised to relate to the sanctioned announcement and apply for this post. You can find other details like age limit, educational qualification, selection process, operation figure, and how to apply … Read more


POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS DEVELOPMENTS : The polities that emerged late during the first millennium bce were chiefdoms known  as  janapadas,  and  named  after  the  land  tracts  they  occupied. Their rulers were scions of the dominant clans of such communities, whose author- ity  derived  partly  from  the  support  of  subordinate  rajanyas  (kshatriyas)  and partly from the … Read more


ARYAN SOCIAL DIFFERENTIATION- By later vedic times – that is, between 1000 and 500 bce, when the sacrificial cult of Indo-Aryan brahmans had attained a prestigious place – the main locus of Aryan society had shifted from the river valleys of the Punjab and the plains of  northern  Rajasthan  into  the  western  parts  of  the … Read more


CLEARING THE FORESTS- Between 1000 and 500 bce iron tools and weapons provided the technological foundations  for  the  expansion  of  agricultural  communities  over  the  entire basin  of  the  Ganges.  One  important  consequence  of  the  replacement  of copper  and  bronze  implements  by  stronger  iron  weapons  and  tools  was  the greater  ease  in  removing  the  forest  cover … Read more


THE UPANISHADS- Along with the sacred, domestic and philosophical hymns, an ancillary canon came into existence as a comment upon them. There were three later Vedas: the Sama, Yajur and Atharva Vedas, dealing respectively with liturgical verses to be sung, with magical incantations to be pronounced, and with sacrificial formulae to guide the ritualists. Manuals … Read more


VEDIC CULTURE:- The vedic age has carried several different labels: ‘iron age India’, ‘the second urbanization’, and ‘Gangetic culture’; each can be justified, though the designation ‘vedic culture’ points to the main trajectory of historical development. It is now widely accepted that the subcontinent began to be infiltrated well before  the  middle  of  the  first … Read more